High Wear Solutions

Precision Feedscrews specializes in solving your wear problems, offering a wide variety of hard surfacing materials, coatings and base metal encapsulation. Our goal is to provide solutions that best fits your needs.

Outer Diameter Welding
We offer Colmonoy ® 56,57,88, and 83 and Stellite ® 1,6, and 12. On new screws we provide a full width weld, not just an inlay. On rebuilds our weld is 100% hard surfacing. Welding is done with automatic Plasma Transferred Arc welders to provide a weld of the highest integrity and minimal cracking.

Root Encapsulation
We can encapsulate the screw root with hard surfacing wherever you need it to reduce wear. Several different materials are available for this purpose.
Tool Steel Screws: using new technology, we can rebuild tool steel screws which have less than .025% wear on the diameter.

We work with many companies to provide coatings that protect against wear. We also offer industrial hard chrome plating and electroless nickel plating.